Central Park

Central Park south

Central Park south

New York.

After seeing a show at the Guggenheim Museum we walked across the park to catch a subway on the west side. I have to say, Central Park is magnificent: the trees alone are out of this world and it’s such a special place, like being in Yosemite Valley with cliffs of skyscrapers all around.

This shot is looking due south from a large field right in the middle of the park.

New York is quite a place. I’m glad I don’t live there but I sure do like to visit.

Southwest corner of Central Park

Southwest Corner of Central Park

New York City. I was with some friends from Denmark who are Beatles fans so we walked up Central Park West to The Dakota to pay tribute to John Lennon. As we worked our way through the park, aiming toward 5th Avenue and 59th Street we came upon this view looking southwest toward Columbus Circle. The day was cold so the lawn was empty and the light was great and had I not been acting as tour guide I’d have spent a lot more time here taking many more pictures in changing light. As it was I took this single shot over a fence and got lucky.