Makomanai Cemetery Buddha

The Makomanai Cemetery is on the outskirts of Sapporo, Japan. This 1500 ton stone Buddha sat alone, above ground for fifteen years. The cemetery hired architect Tadao Ando to change the relationship of the Buddha to the cemetery. He did this by building a hill of lavender plants around the statue and the results are spectacular.

Watch the video full screen. It has no sound that I know of but it’s perfect in silence.

Update: My friend Joy Brown found this video of the building of the hill around the Buddha.

[via Colossal]

Art deco family gravestone

My grandmother's art deco grave marker

Art deco family gravestone at my mother’s family’s plot at Mt. Hebron Cemetery in Queens, New York. I stopped by there today on my way to Kennedy Airport to pick up a friend. My mother’s parents and her two sisters are buried there. Her brother was cremated. My mother will be here at some point although she’s doing quite well at 96 so it will be a while.

My grandmother's art deco grave marker