Guggenheim ceiling

Guggenheim ceiling

New York.

We went into the city to see the László Moholy-Nagy show at the Guggenheim. I like to see almost anything Bauhaus but in this case, the head of my MFA committee, the late David Foster was a student at Moholy-Nagy at the Institute of Design in Chicago. So, I had to pay my respect.

Frankly, the show wasn’t all that great but I enjoy the Guggenheim and it’s always good to get into New York.

I’ve shot this ceiling before but never this close to the lower spiral staircase. I’ve seen a lot of people shoot it from here up on Flickr and so I wanted to give it a go. Frankly, it was a tough shot to get in focus, a bit too much depth and a bright skylight and dark perimeter.

Manhattan Municipal Building subway entrance ceiling

Manhattan Municipal Building subway entrance ceiling

City Hall/Brooklyn Bridge subway station entrance.

Whenever I walk across the Brooklyn Bridge I use this subway station entrance because I love this tile ceiling.

This day I shot it with the Ricoh GR and a Ricoh wide angle attachment lens that turns the GR’s 28mm into 21mm which is a much more dramatic focal length.

If you’re a GR user make note of the fact that to attach this piece you’ll also need to buy the hood and adaptor for the GR. Too bad the plastic hood doesn’t fit back onto the wide angle lens which comes with a terrible rubber hood what’s worse than useless.

All of that said, once you get the pieces sorted you can leave the lens on the adaptor tube and click it on and off the camera as needed. It took me a bit to get comfortable with it but once I did I loved it and will use it often.

Met ceiling

Met ceiling

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gary and I checked our packs when we went through the Garry Winogrand show at the Met, no photography allowed although it amazed me how many people seeing the show were carrying heavy DSLRs around their necks.

On the way out I took a picture of the Met’s entryway ceiling which is a wonderful piece of architecture that I admire each time I go.

Metropolitan Museum of Art ceiling

Met Ceiling

I think it’s kind of weird to go to the Met and come back with three pictures of the ceiling of the main hall and a few other odd pictures but nothing of any of the art.

Well, we did see the Matisse fabric show and it was quite good but no photography allowed there, so I guess I have an excuse.

Met Ceiling

Met ceiling