Canon PowerShot S90

Ground Zero

Looking at the World Trade Center site

New York City. A group of us went into New York yesterday and one person wanted to see ground zero. I must say that besides helping a friend move out from Battery Park City right after 9/11 I’d not been to the site. it’s a fascinating thing to see with an incredible amount of construction activity going on.

There are tours and lectures going on all the time and I must say, I thought I knew a lot about what happened that day but the lecturer had lots of interesting facts I didn’t know.

The building going up in this picture is the Freedom Tower which is about 10′ smaller in cross section than one of the original World Trade Center Towers.

Construction at ground zero

Fall reflected in Race Brook

Fall refelected in Race Brook

Race Brook Falls, Massachusetts. Dave and I took a late afternoon hike up Race Brook Falls to Mt. Race and the afternoon light was much better for photography than our usual morning hike, sun overhead situation. We’ve had such a dry summer this is the first time since spring that we’ve seen this much water in Race Brook and the fall colors and sky reflected in it caught both of our eyes.

Fall refelected in Race Brook

Ontario Airport

Ontario Airport

Over Ontario, California. I had a whole row to myself last week on my trip to California and took this picture on approach to LAX. I haven’t done a lot of shooting out plane windows for a while, preferring to sit in aisle seats on the now crowded planes but during this flight I had an entire row to myself and it took me the entire breadth of the US to realize I could both sit on the aisle and shoot out the window.

That’s East Mission Blvd running at an angle to the airport and South Archibald Ave. tunnels under it. The freeway winding east/west in the background is Interstate 10, the San Bernadino Freeway.

I love seeing patterns from the air and I miss taking pictures like this.

Mountain Laurel on Paradise Lane

Mountain Laurel on Paradise Lane

Bear Mountain, Connecticut. The mountain laurel was in full bloom last week so we hiked up Bear Mountain by way of Paradise Lane where we knew there was a load of it. I’m hoping the rain we just had hasn’t knocked the buds off, I’d love to return just to walk through it all again.