Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L

GM through Apple

GM through Apple

New York City. The new Apple store on 5th Avenue is underground and its entrance is a glass cube that sits right on front of the monolithic General Motors building. The photographic possibilities of shooting a reflection and through the cube in the same image were too good to resist. Great blue sky with nice white clouds both reflected and not. This store is open 24/7 and was packed when we descended the glass staircase to Mac-heaven below.

Ticket counter, Grand Central Station

Ticket Counter, Grand Central Station

I had just exited the subway on my way to another train north toward home when I noticed that the main room at Grand Central Station looked darker than usual, almost sepia and that sepia light was reflecting on the marble countertop. This reminded me that my parents and their parents probably stood at this very counter and bought tickets. Then I snapped out of it, put the camera down on the counter and took a shot, then raced to my train.

Anne reflected on Times Square

Anne reflected on Times Square

Standing on the island in the middle of Times Square (New York) I caught a glimpse of Anne reflected in Bill’s sunglasses. I took the shot quickly before Bill could complain and didn’t notice the mother dragging her reluctant son behind Anne. You can see an ad for Avenue Q, the play we had just seen behind the mother and son.

Dusk, United Terminal, Chicago O’Hare

Dusk, United Terminal, Chicago O'Hare

The German architect Helmut Jahn designed United Airlines’ main hub at O’Hare airport in the mid 1980’s. It remains a beautiful and functional terminal where, I’m both happy and sorry to say I’ve spent much of my life in the past fifteen years.

I continue to love the design of these halogen flood lights when coupled with the rounded corner of the terminal building. Timeless design: modern with ornate influences.

My first long exposure night shot

My first long exposure night shot

We were on Aaron and Janel’s rooftop “deck” at dusk sucking down Sierra Nevadas and talking B and H wish-lists. All of a sudden we’ve got a load of Canon lenses spread out on the table and our three cameras and we’re going crazy taking pictures.

Aaron brought up his tripod and proceeded to do some long exposures. Remembering mysteryme’s night shots, which I love, I just had to give it a go.

So, I broke out my little Bogen desktop tripod and set it up on the wall and shot this. Okay, 2.5 seconds is no big deal but for me it was a first and I love the results. I can’t wait to try this out here in the woods with a tripod. I think I’m hooked on yet another new technique. Thanks Aaron.

Tourist photographer takes picture of tourist photographer in Times Square

Tourist photographer takes picture of tourist photographer in Times Square

The woman noticed me and rolled her eyes and giggled, then looked back at her boyfriend/husband to get the shot right. He had a very nice high-end canon with maybe a prime lens with hood on it.

Aaron was behind me taking pictures of signs. Janel was behind me taking pictures of a prostitute who I was a bit scared to look at thinking it might be like an auction and if I looked I bought. Her “aural” patter was quite simple and direct, if you know what I mean, and between her and the din of Times Square it was a bit chaotic.

This is what I love about going to New York. This is an urban photographic adventure and feeling slightly ill at ease gets me excited. Okay, I’m a provincial dork, I admit it but the contrast from rural Connecticut to this is wonderful once in a while and innocent eyes make for good ideas for photographs.

Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building

We were standing in Bryant Park behind the main branch of the New York Public Library (building on right) and the Chrysler building was framed by some great old sycamore trees and the library.

I was pretty sure that these shots would not turn out because they were hand held but I’m pleased with them and I got numerous shots in Bryant Park that I like.

Just a note for those of you who have followed my recent postings: these sycamore trees were probably “pups” when my 90 year old mother used this library.