Canon EF 180mm f/3.5 L Macro

Bug on flower

Bug on weed

Washington, Connecticut, Macricostas Preserve. This little flower is about one half in across (this is not a daisy) and after going to all the trouble to set up the tripod and get things lined up, an intruder dropped in. I figured he’d leave soon enough but he stayed for twenty minutes so I gave up, paid him his modeling fee and took the shot.



New Preston, Connecticut. We were early for yoga class this morning and next door to the building the class is held in is a small herb garden. Anne rolled her eyes and groaned when I broke out the macro gear to see about a picture of this lavender plant before class started.

I didn’t know lavender was in the mint family. Like mint, rubbing a small one inch head like this between your fingers will scent you for quite some time. The folks doing yoga around me today must have thought I I was into aroma therapy or bathed with lavender scented soap this morning. The scent is now on my camera, tripod, and now, my keyboard and mouse. Beats patchouli oil.

Daisies with rented Canon 180mm macro lens

Daisy with broken petals

Warren, Connecticut. I rented the Canon 180mm f/3.5 L macro lens for a week and I have to say, it’s quite a nice lens for these types of shots. The longer (than 100mm) focal length makes for nice compression and the lens makes nice colors and beautiful bokeh. It’s a beast though so one really has to use the tripod collar that comes with it. Still, if you’re into macro photography this is a lens to consider. I plan to play with it as much as possible in the next week.

Daisy with grass, driveway, and road bokeh