Canon 6D

Star trails in a big sky

Grande Fratello Cielo

My Flickr contact Cristiano Pelagracci took this long exposure of a tent and the sky in Italy.

Star trail shots are done by putting a camera on a tripod and exposing long enough so that the earth rotates relative to the stars aimed at.

It will take some experimentation to get the exposure right at night with such a long exposure and every night and place will be slightly different. You’ll need to play with ISO so as not to under or over expose the long shot. As I’m reading, a good starting point is:

Wide angle lens
ISO 400
Wide open aperture
Shutter speed of 30 seconds

If you look at the photo and it’s washed out/over exposed, pull the ISO down. If it’s under exposed push the ISO up a bit. If the trails are too short, try a longer shutter speed.

I’ve never tried this but those are some ideas to start with if you plan to go out and give it a go.


Dogs - Varanasi, India

My flickr contact Maciej Dakowicz caught this great image of two dogs in Varanasi, India with his Canon 6D.

He regularly composes images with a person in the close foreground bleeding off the edge of the frame and other figures scattered in the background (there’s a third dog behind the dominant one here). Many of his compositions have this kind of configuration which takes quite a bit of timing and planning to make work out. He makes it look informal and easy but it rarely is.