Canon 300D

Anne’s tire tracks

Anne's Tire Tracks

We had a light dusting of snow the other day and I was taking pictures of the process of opening the box containing my new PowerBook (those pics and commentary/review coming soon to a weblog near you) and after my wife Anne left for school I noticed the wonderful tire tracks her VW Golf made in the snow. She backed up so gracefully (that’s her), turned left, and zoomed off the tracks made a wonderful pattern. Unfortunately, the sun was low enough so that the shadow of trees across the road crossed the shot. Waiting until the sun cleared the trees would have melted the snow (and it did) so this was as good as it got. Still, I love that pattern. Makes me want to fly over parking lots or truck stops after new snow falls.

Fields east of San Jose

Fields east of San Jose

We were on initial approach into San Jose and this was too good to miss. Somehow the fields here look more like silicon wafers than they do elsewhere. In color if not shape. This landscape reminded me of aerial shots of Vietnam as well. I almost got in trouble having the camera out but I got it hidden just as the flight attendants were doing last minute seatbelt checks.

Getty Museum Stone

Getty Stone

The stone on the outside of much of the Getty is one of its most striking characteristics. Here’s the press release the museum put out describing the buildings: The Getty Center — Architectural Description

The 16,000 tons of travertine used in the project were quarried in Bagni di Tivoli, Italy, 15 miles east of Rome. Split along its natural grain, many of the stones bear fossilized leaves, feathers, and branches. Meier and his staff worked for a year with the Bagni di Tivoli quarries to invent a “guillotine” process that would result in such a rough textured finish.

Getty Stone