Canon 1D Mark III

Anne’s end table pile

Anne's end table pile

Warren, Connecticut. I decided to rent a Canon 1D Mark III for a week just to see what it’s like to shoot with a "serious" pro camera. I knew it was big but for crying out loud, the thing is BIG. However, in about ten minutes it feels great in one’s hands. Setting it up is easy for any Canon DSLR user and of course, it works well with all canon EF lenses. It has a 1.3x crop which is a bit rough on the wide side but not quite like the more common 1.6x crop on most Canon DSLRs.

My friend Lenny says I should be careful about getting used to it and he’s right, it’s quite a fantastic piece of machinery. Built like a tank, fast as all get out, weather sealed, quiet shutter, clean images with great color and for my taste, 10 megapixels is about right for the kinds of printing I do.

One can dream….