Caleb’s Peak

David, Loren, Gary, and Richard on Caleb’s Peak

David, Loren, Gary, and Richard on Caleb's Peak

On the Appalachian Trail between Kent and Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut. We’ve done this hike many times recently but it’s so good we decided to do it again to introduce Gary to it before he flies home to Oregon tomorrow. We had a great day, less ice than we thought, more mud but no problem and it was warm enough so we didn’t have to wear heavy clothing. We’ll all miss Gary but we know he’ll be back for more adventures in the summer.

Loren, Dave and Richard on Caleb’s Peak

Loren, Dave and Richard on Caleb's Peak

On the Appalachian Trail between Kent and Cornwall Bridge. Dave just got back from the Virgin Islands (poor guy) and Loren and I decided to "break him in easy" with this hike we just did. It’s a great hike, starting at Rt. 341 in Kent and having lunch and turning around at Caleb’s Peak where we are here. It’s about 7 miles round trip and the terrain is varied and beautiful. It was 24 F when this was taken and my hands got cold again. However, this day I had hand warmers all fired up and they really helped. Still, taking pictures in the cold is a skill that I’m not sure I want to hone.

Cold hands on the Appalachian Trail

Cold hands on the AT

North of Kent, Connecticut. Loren and I decided to do the stretch of the Appalachian Trail from Kent to St. John’s Ledges again. It’s a great hike and great hikes are worth repeating. It’s about an eight mile hike total.

When I took this picture I had to take my gloves off and between sitting there for fifteen minutes to eat lunch and taking gloves off in 28 F weather, my hands got really cold. Both Loren and I suffer from Raynaud’s phenomenon which means our hands and fingers get cold faster than normal.

Luckily for us we brought hand warmers and were able to get them inside our mittens. I’d never used them before and while they took a bit of time to heat up, once the heat started they worked like a charm.

Taking pictures in winter, even with fingerless gloves is a serious problem and once my hands get cold they take a long time to warm up. Gotta remember to work faster and get mittens back on sooner.

Tea on the Appalachian Trail

Tea on the AT

Kent, Connecticut. My hiking buddies are each away and I needed to get out of the house so I hiked up on the Appalachian Trail north of Kent and this image is taken just above St. John’s Ledges where I did some rock climbing 20 years ago. The Housatonic River is in the valley behind me.

These days the weather is changing and if you stop with a wet shirt you cool down fast so I brought some home made chai tea in a thermos to warm up with. Definitely made my day.