Brooklyn Bridge

Frames of New York

Frames of New York

New York City. Gary and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and into Brooklyn, then back across and up Broadway to dinner at 27th St. and then to Times Square and back to Grand Central. New York is a lot of fun to "hike," even on a relatively hot and humid day.

Note: I rented a few new and different cameras for Gary’s visit so we could actually use them rather than just handling them at the B&H counter. This was taken with a rented Canon 7D and a rented Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L. Lots of fun to play with this stuff.

Brooklyn Bridge, west tower

Brooklyn Bridge, West Tower

New York City. This is the west (Manhattan-side) tower on The Brooklyn Bridge and just one of the two massive arches that unite the three vertical columns (like an “M”). Most modern bridges have two columns that are connected like an “H” and some of the most modern bridges in both Europe and Asia have a single column on each tower with the roadway suspected under it (like an “I”).

The size and weight of these towers is impressive even in modern times; I felt like I was looking at The Great Pyramids and wondering how on earth the engineers of the time built this thing, let alone got the bridge put together. Maybe it’s time to rent and re-watch the PBS special on the building of this monster of a bridge (in its time).