Austin Seraphin gets an iPhone

My First Week with the iPhone

Last Wednesday, my life changed forever. I got an iPhone. I consider it the greatest thing to happen to the blind for a very long time, possibly ever. It offers unparalleled access to properly made applications, and changed my life in twenty-four hours.

This post has been on my desktop for a while now. It was picked up by many blogs and I hadn’t gotten around to reading it. Austin is blind and he’s making great use of Apple’s built-in accessibility feature called Voice Over.

Had Apple not done early and important work in this area through their Worldwide Disabilities Solutions Group I doubt they’d have been in as strong a place to add accessibility features to their newer products as they are today. Apple has a history of attempting to make their various devices and operating systems more accessible.

Austin has a follow up post: Rejoining the Apple Family

This summer has inadvertently become the Summer of Apple. First, I got an iPhone, which changed my life. Next, I got an iPad, which I love as well. The other morning while eating breakfast, Goddess told me that the time had come to purchase a Mac.

Welcome Austin.