birch tree

Old birch tree

Old birch tree

Macricostas Preserve, Washington, Connecticut.

We took a short walk up to Waramaug Rock and around the Macricostas loop trail. I knew I’d shot this tree before but I was inspired by an image I saw here on Flickr this morning from Fuzzy Messed Up Panda:

Mine doesn’t have the great bokeh his does but I gave it my best shot, so to speak.

Exfoliating birch

Exfoliating birch

Macricostas Preserve, Washington, Connecticut.

This birch tree had more bark curling off than any I’ve seen and it seemed a natural for this kind of shot.

I had a tough time metering this with the X70 and took a shot with each of its three meters. In the end, I used the one that had the most detail in the branches knowing I could probably pull the trunk and bark out of the shadows. Learning a new camera takes time.

Birch covered with oak

Birch covered with oak

Hidden Valley Preserve, Washington, Connecticut.

Went on a short walk in this wonderful preserve along the Shepaug River. Most leaves are down now and things are a bit bleak but there are always interesting things to see.

This birch tree’s roots were nicely framed by oak leaves. No doubt this tree’s leaves are buried as they came down a few weeks ago.

Bluebells and birches

blues and birches

My flickr contact Robin Jaffray posted this image of bluebells and birch trees back in April, 2014 but given the weather here in the northeast United States, I thought it might give us something to look forward to. Taken with his Fuji X100S in Wakehurst Place, Sussex, UK.

The light patches on the bluebells coming through the trees are fantastic.