Girls and guy

Girls vs guy

Flickr member Max Gor took this great street shot in London. People in front of billboards for interesting juxtapositions are really fun to track and people all over the world shoot them.

I’ve posted many over the years but it’s tough to find them there so I’m making a new tag for them: billboard portrait and I’m going back through many years of posts to add that tag to the no doubt dozens if not more images that I’ve posted that exhibit this technique.

In a nutshell

:: in a nutshell

My flickr contact Noah Samuel Mosko took this in London. This is a great example of what I was attempting to do here.

I need to come up with a name for this kind of street photography and give it a tag so I can organize examples of it here. I very much like this kind of photography. Maybe “billboard juxtaposition” or something like that.

H&M is watching you

H&M is watching you

Times Square, New York.

This image is more of a place marker, I know it’s not great but I want to return to this theme and one way is to post this rather than burying it in my Lightroom library.

A number of my contacts have done incredible street work standing in front of an interesting billboard or building facade and waiting for just the right moment as people walk in front of it.

This H&M billboard went all the way to the ground so it’s a perfect backdrop for these kinds of images and Times Square is loaded with people walking by; all you have to do is wait and shoot.

I’m just learning here; this is my first attempt at this and I think it will be fun to keep trying, hopefully learning to get ISO and shutter speeds higher at night and to simply wait more patiently.

UNIQLO Samurai

UNIQLO Samurai

53rd and 5th Avenue, New York.

After deciding not to go into MoMA I was walking east on 53rd St. and noticed this great Samurai billboard for UNIQLO. It was tough to shoot from across the street without getting cars in the shot so I got right under it and the wide angle adapter on the GR gave it a dramatic look.

Architectural distortion aside, it’s a lot of fun to play with wide angle photography and I can’t wait to do more with this setup.