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Frances at lunch

Frances at lunch

Santa Monica, California.

I haven’t been able to get and post recent shots of my now 100 + year old mother because it’s tough to get her to open her left eye (she’s nearly blind in it) and she’s been sick. So, the past few trips out here to LA haven’t been fruitful for mom portraits. I managed to sneak one in at lunch yesterday.

Princess plant

Santa Monica princess plant

We went to a gallery in Santa Monica to see the drawings and painting of a cousin of mine (Marc Pally) and none of the pictures of his work that I took turned out. However, this plant in the gallery parking lot was very photogenic so I took a few images of it.

I have to say, Canon’s 50mm f1.4 lens is quite a tool. Thanks Gary and Rosemary, you’ve led me into totally new territory.