IPA and Piaget

IPA and Piaget

Santa Monica, California. No doubt this tall glass of IPA is all about the old Piagetian conservation idea that a given amount of liquid will remain constant no matter the shape of the container. The taller the glass, the more arrested development types like me will think we’re getting more than a typical glass of beer.

Piaget’s task included showing a child two beakers, one tall and thin, the other short and fat. The tall and thin would be empty; the short full. He would pour water from the short to the tall, asking the child if the quantity of water was the same. In accordance with Piaget’s ideas, the children replied ‘there is more’, because the appearance of the tall made it look as if it were bigger. This concluded that Piaget was correct, and the children did not have the ability to conserve. In his words, ‘children who are unable to conserve believe a perceptual change means a quantitative change.’

He furthered the conclusion to suggest that this confusion was born from a pre-operational child’s inability to understand the notion of reversibility; the ability to see the reversal of a physical transformation as well as the transformation itself. These ideas were used to create the ‘Principle of Invariance’.

On the other hand, even though I may be stuck in a stage that prevents me from seeing "reversibility," I have proven many a time in my younger years that if I drink enough beer I can most easily (and unpleasantly) reverse that beer drinking, moving the beer from a tall thin container (me) to a wide flat container (the floor) all the while knowing that the same amount of beer existed in both places.

Sierra Nevada in California

Sierra Nevada in California

Los Angeles, California. There was some nice light and bokeh behind my glass of Sierra at the Getty Restaurant so the camera had to come out.

While I enjoy the ambiance in that restaurant I got the sense that it’s not doing all that well; unlike other dinner’s we’ve had there, the room was far from full. Still, it’s a wonderful place to have dinner watching the sun go down with light streaming in through glassware, camera at the ready.

Sierra Nevada in Soho

Sierra Nevada in Soho

New York City. After delivering a musical instrument I sold on eBay the day before (my first eBay sale) and making the buyer extremely happy with the hand delivery which made me happy, it was beer time.

My friend had a Guinness and unfortunately I blew that shot. I was going to have a black and tan (Guinness poured over Bass) which would have been extremely photogenic but decided to whimp out and have my standard Sierra Nevada which, on tap, is darn good beer.

It’s rare to actually meet up with people you do business with on eBay, maybe even potentially weirder or riskier than many flickr meetups. However, in this case, the buyer sensed that I was safe and decent and I sensed the same about him. I’m sure things don’t always work out this way but it gives me hope for the world that sometimes they do.

Ice water

Ice water: a useful beer and dinner "chaser."

Widmer Hefeweizen

Widmer Hefeweizen

Our Macworld group went to lunch and hey, people started ordering beer and the restaurant had one I like: Widmer Hefeweizen, a Portland, Oregon micro-brew that we can’t get on tap back here in Connecticut, so what the heck.

I can see it now: Carlos will be world famous for shooting Vincent in shopping carts (continuing until Vincent is 24), Gary for shooting his dish rack daily for years, Mamen for the 1000 moods and faces of Aisha, and I’ll be infamous as the guy who shot beer, drank it, and then dropped his camera into the bay. I’ll receive a “less than Darwin Award” and maybe they’ll write a play (Lawnchair Larry).

Dim Sum with Tsingtao

Dim Sum with Tsingtao

Our Macworld group went out for lunch at the best dim sum restaurant I’ve ever been at, Yank Sing and I had a Tsingtao a bit earlier in the day than I generally drink beer.

All of the food and the people in our group were so photogenic and I was sitting at the head of the table so one would think… but, after emptying this bottle, the only thing I could think of to shoot was… the bottle.