Bee Brook

Warped reflections in Bee Brook

Warped reflections in Bee Brook

Macricostas Preserve, Washington, Connecticut.

Took a short hike in slush in this nature preserve down the road from our house and one of my favorite brooks is now free of ice. Got to try out the tilting LCD on the Canon G7X which (along with the Sony RX100) is perfect for shots like this.

Too much of a water fall and you get foam and splashing, but a little drop over rocks will warp a reflection nicely giving it the “Grateful Dead effect*.

*The LSD equivalent of the “Ken Burns effect” (panning and zooming a still image to make it less static).

Turbulence on Bee Brook

Turbulence on Bee Brook

Macricostas Preserve, Washington, Connecticut.

Bee Brook runs from a swamp just east of where I took this picture, then downstream of me here, under a major road (Rt. 202) and through a small valley into the Shepaug River. This is a relatively small brook and it’s easy to get close to it in lots of places along its path.

I’ve shot many images in this little grotto the brook runs through in Macricostas Preserve but this day I walked up stream about 100 feet from where I usually shoot and an entirely different collection of image possibilities opened up.

I know many reading this know the old photographer’s adage: don’t be lazy, change your viewpoint to see if there’s a better image somewhere else. Well, I did it and it worked, I had a blast standing on a rock shooting the water and I’ll post a bunch from this twenty minute session in the next few days as I sort them out.

Lake Waramaug and Bee Brook Swamp

Lake Waramaug

Lake Waramaug from Waramaug Rock

Macricostas Preserve, Washington, Connecticut. Gary, Anne and I hiked the loop trail at Macricostas Preserve, right down the road from our house. The fireworks show on the 4th was rained out but this is the place we like to hike to to watch them so we figured we’d get up there anyway. Nice hike and the landscape, while hot and humid was quite photogenic.

I shot both high contrast black and white and RAW with the Ricoh GR and these are RAW files processed in Lightroom. There’s so much more information in the RAW files that’s useful for printing that I have to make sure I keep the GR set up this way even though it’s a bit more cumbersome for processing.

Note, I have to say the new version of Flickr is much improved, they’re finally moving in the right direction with it. Thank god.

Bee Brook swamp

Bee Brook Swamp from the Macricostas Loop Trail bridge

Gary on Bee Brook

Gary on Bee Brook

Washington, Connecticut. Our friend Gary Sharp is visiting and we took a walk in Macricostas Preserve, including a detour down into my favorite little grotto on Bee Brook. While my wife Anne waited patiently, Gary and I hiked up and down the bank taking pictures. In the heat of the day this little place is a welcome respite and the images coming from visits there have been consistently good over many years of shooting.

Short walk at Macricostas Preserve

Macricostas Preserve, Steep Rock. Washington, Connecticut. It was hot but I wanted to see what the Queen Anne’s lace looked like in Macricostas so I took a short walk with small camera and iPhone. Great stuff to shoot, too bad it was so hot I didn’t feel like doing anything. Heat and humidity sucks.

Queen Anne's Lace from below

Queen Anne’s Lace with Canon PowerShot S100

Queen Anne's lace

Queen Anne’s Lace with iPhone 4S and Instagram

Bee brook

Bee Brook with iPhone 4S and Instagram

Ice on Bee Brook

Ice on Bee Brook

Dave, Bill and I took a hike up to the Pinnacle overlooking Lake Waramaug in the Macricostas Preserve yesterday. The ice on Bee Brook was stunning where the stream braided and the flow of the water was disrupted. Had it not been in the 20’s (F) we’d have hung out longer looking for more patterns but cold hands and Christmas eve pulled us away.

Ice on Bee Brook

Ice on Bee Brook

Ice on Bee Brook

Ice on Bee Brook