Banks face action over dyslexia

Banks face action over dyslexia

“A man with severe dyslexia has launched a legal challenge against two High Street banks about the way they communicate with disabled customers.”

This case poses a fascinating question: At what point do those of us with dysexia have to take personal responsibility for our mistakes, whether caused by dysexia or not? I’m not saying that these banks provided the right kind of support for the plaintif, but if they did and he agreed that they did, and he still overdrew his account, would he be responsible?

Personally, I find writing checks and dealing with various accounts quite difficult but I use a credit card as much as possible, keep track of things in a spreadsheet, and do as many of my transactions electronically as I can. Still, yesterday I almost ordered 175 boxes of paper instead of 10 and it was only when I noticed that the shipping charge was huge that I realized I’d made the mistake. Had I gone through with the transaction and ordered the paper I could hardly fault the vendor, could I? I’m not sure I could fault my dyslexia either. Mistakes happen and those of us with dyslexia have to be careful to slowly check what we’re doing.