A Taco Told In Texas

A Taco Told In Texas from David Gorvy on Vimeo.

“A Taco Told In Texas isn’t really about a taco. It’s about a guy with an eighth grade education who became a millionaire. And then he lost it all. And then he became a millionaire again. And then he lost it all. Again. And then he bought a used shipping container on Craigslist and started slinging the best tacos you’ve ever had out of it.”

This is brilliant. I wish I was still working in Texas, I’d love to eat one (or more) of these.

[via Uncrate]

New Samsung A5 plant in Austin

Samsung’s New Texas Factory for A5 Chip Production Now Fully Operational

If you don’t think Apple is making a lot of iOS devices, read the numbers on this: Samsung built a 1.6 million square foot, $3.6 billion plant in Austin, Texas to build Apple A5 processor chips for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 devices.

Since the devices are assembled in China at the moment I wonder if this marks a move by Apple to have an assembly plant in the United States. I’d love that. But, short of that, the more components in these devices that are manufactured in the US, the more Americans will have jobs even if the factories are owned by other countries, in this case, Samsung is a Korean company.