Flatiron with GR

Flatiron with GR

Flatiron Building, New York.

I was in New York yesterday with a friend and we did a lot of walking. On the way back up to Grand Central and the train home we passed this landmark which I’ve shot before with higher end gear and I decided to have another go at it.

I must say, this image is better than almost anything I shot with my Canon 5D and high end lenses. No chromatic aberration even though building/sky is high contrast, amazing detail, and very little distortion.

Ricoh has just announced and update to the GR which has a few new features but the original one can be had for a considerable discount and when the new one ships no doubt the original one will drop more. I’ll be looking to pick up a third copy of this camera if the price drops a bit more. I love it.

I took most of my images along the High Line of a single concrete pour on the first floor of a residential apartment complex I shot before (when they were excavating). I stayed there a few hours and took a few hundred images, enough to make a stop action series of although I’ve never done that before. Large scale building projects fascinate me although unless you’re right in the middle of them it’s tough to document them with a camera.