apple tree

Lone apple

Lone Apple

Warren, Connecticut. We have an old volunteer apple tree in our backyard that a friend pruned and saved when we bought our place many years ago. I do my best to keep it happy with pruning and spike fertilizer but no matter what I do it will never produce great eating apples, it’s just not that kind of tree. However, it produces great "camera apples" and even its branches are photogenic.

Winter apple

Winter apple

Took my bunny slippers off, bundled up (it was 20 degrees F when I took this with wind) and got out back with the tripod. This is closer to what I wanted yesterday. Still not quite it but closer.

I love this new 300mm lens (Canon 300mm f/4 L). I’ve yet to use the IS (on tripod, no need) but it’s light, compact, built in hood and has enough reach to get me what I want. I think I’m going to use it for all sorts of things.