Apple Store

iPhones buying iPhones

Apple’s Retail Self-Checkout Doing Well, Strong Promotion Coming at Grand Central

Apple has an iPhone app called Apple Store that’s grown to not only help you locate the nearest Apple store and schedule a genius appointment but it also allows iPhone 4 and 4S users to easily buy things in any Apple store using “Easy Pay” which allows the scanning of barcodes of Apple Store merchandise, paying and leaving the store without having to talk an Apple Store employee. Nothing wrong with talking to them, most of them take happy pills and are very nice, but this new system helps you get in and out of a usually mobbed Apple store with the goods you want quickly.

This is brilliant and reminds me of robots building robots except in this case it’s iPhones buying iPhones.

GM through Apple

GM through Apple

New York City. The new Apple store on 5th Avenue is underground and its entrance is a glass cube that sits right on front of the monolithic General Motors building. The photographic possibilities of shooting a reflection and through the cube in the same image were too good to resist. Great blue sky with nice white clouds both reflected and not. This store is open 24/7 and was packed when we descended the glass staircase to Mac-heaven below.