Anne and Emily doing yoga

Anne and Emily doing yoga

My wife Anne and Emily Darling doing an intense session of yoga in our dining room (which we cleared of furniture lest you think it’s big enough for yoga and eating).

Anne's hands and foot

Anne’s hands and foot.

Emily's foot and hand

Emily’s foot and hand.

Anne's hand

Anne’s hand.

Emily's foot (again)

Emily’s foot.

Call me a foot fetishist but there’s something about these yoga toes and feet that I like. The toe ring, the spread toes, and even the force producing the ripple and shadow in the mat. I like this one.

Emily's hand

Emily’s hand.

Emily helps Anne

Emily helps Anne.

Emily is an incredible yoga teacher and it was inspiring to watch her work with my wife Anne. Anne has known Emily since she was born so this was a nice reversal of historic roles.

Anne's hands

Anne’s hands.

My wife Anne is a gentle, caring person and these hands not only held Emily when she was a wee baby but have also held countless babies, canned countless pickles, and rubbed my feet. They are good hands.

Emily and Anne do yoga

Emily and Anne do yoga

My wife Anne (right) and Emily Darling had an amazing yoga session in our dining room and I got to be the hot-shot fashion photographer and walk around taking pictures. It was a blast to work with two beautiful women (even better to know I’m married to one of them).

Anne's feet and hands

Emily was taking Anne through a long sequence and I popped in and out from time to time and caught the action. Well, the still action.

Emily and Anne do yoga

It’s a very tight space so there was little possibility to get them both in each shot so I had to think of ways to show that they were working together without being able to step back and give them much spatial context. I learned a lot about ways to do this in a confined space but I’d have liked a wider lens for most of this.

Anne's hand

Anne’s hand gesture sums up my feelings about these images: I’m pleased.