Anne Wanderman

Anne and bicycle

Anne and bicycle

1959, Evansville, Indiana.

My wife Anne Latham and her (blue) bicycle. She was 12 when this image was taken.

Anne’s sister Betsy was cleaning out a drawer and found this photograph and sent it to us. Anne hadn’t seen it or thought about it since it was taken. Amazing how an image can be a wormhole back to another place and time.

Anne, Margie and cousins

Anne, Margie and cousins

1952, Kewanna, Indiana.

My wife Anne (on the right) and her younger sister Margie (center) and cousins at their aunt’s house. Anne and Margie grew up in Evansville, Indiana but spent parts of summers at their aunt’s farm upstate.

Update: Left to right: Mary-Nell Masteller, Sally Masteller, Margie Latham, Barbara Masteller, Anne Latham.

For perspective, here’s a more recent picture of Anne, Margie, and siblings:

Latham siblings

Left to right: Mary (Latham) Weeks, Margie (Latham) Bosse, Buzz Latham, Betsy Latham, and Anne (Latham) Wanderman (my wife).

Anne reflects on iPhone

Anne reflects on iPhone

I was so stoked on the Degas mono print show at MoMA we’d just seen that I forgot that I snapped a picture of Anne reflecting in my iPhone which somehow got moved to the middle of the table (an unlikely place for it to be with beer, wine, and food around).

When you see a shot like this you have to quickly take it. Not a lot of time to fiddle with camera settings but more and more I’ve been leaving both cameras in spot metering mode which is essential for a shot like this in order to get the surface of the iPhone exposed correctly on the white (paper placemats) background.

This happened to me once before and I liked the results then as I like them now.

Snowshoeing at Macricostas

Snowshoeing at Macricostas

Anne coming up a steep section of trail, Sony RX100 III

Macricostas Preserve, Washington, Connecticut.

My wife swore she’d never hike in the snow or go snowshoeing. But, over the past year she’s been hiking a lot in this great place right down the road from our house. So, what better way to get her to experiment with snowshoeing than to do it at a familiar place.

I figured we’d walk around the hayfield there but we made it all the way to the top. Not a long hike and one she’s done dozens of times before, but in snow it’s a bit tougher. She did very well and I hope she’ll continue with this.

Snowshoeing at Macricostas

Anne on top of Waramaug Rock coming down to the edge for a better view, Sony RX100 III

Apple pie time

Making pies

Warren, Connecticut. My wife Anne and our friend Joy Brown finishing up the first batch of what turned out to be ten apple pies (ten more to go). My job was already done, I peeled all the fruit and at this point my hands are so tired I can hardly hold the camera.

Some of the pies are our traditional pie mix and some have experimental supplements. As the wine flowed, the supplements got more adventurous: blueberries, cranberries, raisins, walnuts, and various combinations of these.

Pie mix

traditional pie mix

We’re scheduled to have another baking session here soon to use up the fruit we bought at our local orchard. Oh, we don’t eat all pies right away (tempting), we seal and freeze them for use at Thanksgiving and Christmas. When the turkey comes out of the oven (2 pm or so) turn the oven off and put the frozen pies in. By the time you’re ready to eat again the pies are defrosted and warmed up and great. Serve with high butter fat vanilla ice cream.

The one we ate

After dinner we ate one of the "experimental" pies. This one had our pie mix plus dried cranberries, raisins and walnuts in it. Anne was skeptical but we all agreed: killer pie. I’d say this particular pie was one of the best Anne’s ever made. Must have been Joy’s influence.

Hiking Bear Mountain

Sage's Ravine

Just north of Bear Mountain on the Appalachian Trail we descended into Sage’s Ravine, a beautiful little canyon with a stream and waterfalls.

Note, we have a new member of our hiking party, my wife Anne who did amazingly well her first time out on this strenuous eight mile hike.

Decending Bear Mountain

We were pretty wiped out on our way down after a long hike up and around Bear Mountain on a beautiful fall day.

I washed down some ibuprofen with a Sierra Nevada Torpedo immediately upon arriving home.

Anne reflected on Times Square

Anne reflected on Times Square

Standing on the island in the middle of Times Square (New York) I caught a glimpse of Anne reflected in Bill’s sunglasses. I took the shot quickly before Bill could complain and didn’t notice the mother dragging her reluctant son behind Anne. You can see an ad for Avenue Q, the play we had just seen behind the mother and son.

My mother with her new red scarf

My mother with her new red scarf

My wife Anne knitted my mother a new scarf and gave it to her this past holiday season. My mother could never sit still long enough to knit, even at 90, although she appreciates what Anne does and loves the hand-made things Anne gives her.

There was no label “attention deficit disorder” (ADD) when my mother was growing up but my guess is she’s got ADD (me too probably). She needs constant stimulation, either visually or aurally or kinesthetically or all at once. In her mid-80s she’d come east to visit us, get bored up here in Connecticut (“how can you live here, there’s nothing to do!”) and go to New York where she’d inhale a museum or two, a play, a nice dinner, and a walk in the park in a single day. Anne and I could hardly walk after a day with her in New York.

My mother doesn’t travel anymore so we have to go out to LA to visit her. However, even in her own house she can exhaust us.

Richard and Anne stretched in a Photo Booth

Richard stretched in a Photo Booth

Leave it to me to brave new territory in making a fool out of myself. The thing is, Mac OS X Photo Booth is so much fun and will make you laugh so hard it’s worth it to humiliate yourself. I can see why Steve Jobs almost wet his pants during his last keynote when he demoed this.

Photo Booth is only bundled with new iMacs with built in iSight cameras now but at some point it will be de-coupled and sold. Until then there are copies floating around and one landed on me. I just happen to have an iSight camera. The rest is, well, you can see.

Hey, what's that smell?

Yes, Anne gave me permission to post this so don’t go crazy.

The thing that’s cool about the older iSight (and not the iMac with iSight built in) is that the camera is on a long firewire cable and you can take it where no video cam has gone before… aim it at your wife sitting on the couch and with a wireless setup, walk around the house and outside with it.

Check out more outrageous Photo Booth stuff here: Mac Photo Booth