What is Literature for?

What is Literature for? from Marcus Armitage on Vimeo.

This is a brilliant mixed-media animation by Marcus Armitage on why we read books and what they can do for us.

The animation reminds me of a great Pixar short: Your Friend the Rat which is an extra on the DVD of the Pixar film Ratatouille and is also available to buy on iTunes ($2.99).



Animagraffs is Jacob O’Neal’s labor of love illustrating and animating how things work.

Check out his How a car engine works and don’t forget to scroll down, lots of different pieces to the animated illustrations.

This reminds me of my fascination as a kid with the acetate overlays in the World Book Encyclopedia.

And, if you always dreamed of moonwalking, check out How to Moonwalk. Brilliant. I’m working on it…


NYC Gifathon

NYC Gifathon from James Curran on Vimeo.

Animator James Curran spent a month in New York and made a new animated GIF each day for 30 days representing things that happened to him during his stay.

The humor, pace, music and of course, animation are all put together beautifully with a nice touch of whimsey. Brilliant work.

Here’s his page dedicated to this piece with each GIF animation as a stand-alone: NYC Gifathon.

Notes on a Triangle

René Jodoin for the National Film Board of Canada

In this short animation film the triangle achieves the distinction of principal dancer in a geometric ballet. The triangle is shown splitting into some three hundred transformations, dividing and sub-dividing with grace and symmetry to the music of a waltz. The film’s artist and animator is RenĂ© Jodoin, whose credits include Dance Squared and several collaborations with Norman McLaren.

I was a fan of Norman McLaren way back when I was in art school. This is amazing stuff given how it was done (like clay animation: step animation with still photography).

[via The Kid Should See This]