Fox yawn and poop

Clean teeth

My Flickr contact Eugene Beckes posted this brilliant shot of a male red fox yawning.

Coincidentally we’ve had two yearling red foxes around our house the past month and almost every night one of them takes a poop on our driveway. Seriously, almost every morning there’s a new pile of fox poop right in the middle of the driveway. One day there was bear poop right on top of the fox poop, I kid you not.

Fox poop

This is from this morning. This happens to be the first image I shot with my new iPhone 8, which is a fantastic iPhone although I doubt I’ll be making fine art prints of this particular image.

One tree, one year

Bruno D’Amicis and Umberto Esposito kept a surveillance camera running for a year, aimed at a single tree in the Apennines (a mountain range in central Italy).

Numerous animals pass by the tree including boars, wolves, foxes, badgers, deer, and a bear (among others) who decides to scratch his back on the tree. This video is edited so that seasons fly by and animals come and go in succession.

Fascinating and brilliant.


Insect portraits of Levon Biss

Microsculpture from Levon Biss on Vimeo.

Levon Biss is a British professional photographer who has made a series of portraits of insects. That collection, which will be displayed in a show at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History from 27 May – 30 October, 2016, is called Microsculpture.

If you click on “Explore” on the above Microsculpture link you’ll see all of the insects in the show and you can zoom in and out to see an amazing amount of detail.

He uses an incredible process: because of the extreme shallow depth of field of macro photography each image is made up of thousands of individual photographs that are layered together to make a three dimensional form.

[via PetaPixel]

Gray fox kit

Gray fox kit

Warren, Connecticut. We have a gray fox adult who comes through our yard from time to time, probably lives on the hill behind our house. He or she is a spectacularly beautiful animal. Two weeks ago this “kit” appeared under one of our bird feeders by the kitchen and stayed for a few days.

This kit was born last spring so is about 4-5 months old and is no doubt venturing out into the world to figure things out. It had no problem with me moving around inside the kitchen window and even looked up at me a few times. Maybe a bit too comfortable with humans but no doubt time and learning will iron that out. It spent the majority of the day in one of our firewood piles and was only under the feeder, looking for voles and mice in the morning and at dusk.

I so much wanted to have a longer lens and to have not shot through a dirty window but alas, this is what I got.

We have many red foxes around and they’re quite common here, but this little kit and its parent are the first gray foxes we’ve seen.

Spectacular animals.