Alan Taylor

Human Landscapes of the American Southwest

Human Landscapes of the American Southwest

Alan Taylor has put together a terrific collection of images he culled from Google Earth of man-made interaction with the landscape of the Southwest United States.

Housing project, mines, oil exploration, nuclear detonations and more.

Over the past week, I took a virtual tour with Google Earth, and wanted to share some of these snapshots of the human landscape in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada.

If you like aerial imagery like this, I highly recommend the book Overview: A New Perspective of Earth by Benjamin Grant. My friend Steve gave it to me recently and I’ve been through it numerous times. Beautiful landscape patterns seen from above.

Historic Photos of the Lincoln Memorial

Historic Photos of the Lincoln Memorial

This is a fascinating collection of images put together by Alan Taylor at The Atlantic.

I haven’t been to Washington, DC in many years but I can say with certainty that standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial is awe inspiring.

This collection of images shows the mall in front of the memorial as a swamp, before it was developed. Amazing.

Native Americans: Portraits From a Century Ago

Native Americans: Portraits From a Century Ago

Alan Taylor at The Atlantic has put together an incredible collection of Edward S. Curtis images of Native Americans.

In the early 1900s, Seattle-based photographer Edward S. Curtis embarked on a project of epic scale, to travel the western United States and document the lives of Native Americans still untouched by Western society. Curtis secured funding from J.P. Morgan, and visited more than 80 tribes over the next 20 years, taking more than 40,000 photographs, 10,000 wax cylinder recordings, and huge volumes of notes and sketches.