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The pilots of Instagram

The pilots of Instagram: beautiful views from the cockpit, violating rules of the air

This is a very well researched and written piece on all the youTube and Instagram images and videos taken inside commercial flight cockpits which violate not only FAA rules but airline rules as well.

I must say, I’ve enjoyed many that I’ve seen but they’re definitely a no no.

[via Steve Splonskowski]

Daniel Pink’s Travel Tips

Daniel Pink is an author, speaker and frequent traveler and he’s put together an entertaining series of videos that offer excellent tips for travelers.

You can find the entire collection of travel tip videos and more in Daniel Pink’s Videos on Vimeo.

Note: I use saline nose spray on airplane flights, in hotels, and at home to combat germs and dryness that comes from sealed airplanes and hotels and from winter heating with a woodstove. Between that and a yearly flu shot I haven’t been sick in ten years. Something must be working. Dan’s advice is good too although my variation is cheaper.

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Profiled By The TSA? There’s An App For That

Profiled By The TSA? There’s An App For That

Excellent All Things Considered segment by Tasnim Shamma on problems with TSA screening Sikhs and other groups who wear turbans and head coverings and a new app called Fly Rights that aims to make it easier to report profiling abuse.