More iPads take to the sky With Qantas in-flight trial

More iPads Take to the Sky With Qantas In-Flight Trial

A new Qantas trial pilot program will see one of the airline’s Boeing 767-300 jets outfitted with one iPad 2 for each passenger, according to the Australian Business Traveller. Each of the aircraft’s 254 seats will have its own iPad 2, and there will also be several spares kept on hand just in case. All seats pockets will carry an iPad 2, but business-class travelers will also get a flexible stand to use with their fold-out meal tray.

The pilot program is about testing Qantas’ in-flight Wi-Fi streaming capabilities, Qantas Executive Manager for Customer Experience Alison Webster told the ABT. The ultimate goal is to be able to provide passengers with access to the Q Streaming service through their own devices, be they Apple’s iPads and iPhones or Android tablets and handsets.

I love using my iPad on United PS flights cross country but I must say, gogo inflight internet isn’t the greatest (yet). I buy and use it to keep up with email and RSS and comments at this site but for anything serious like a video download it’s useless. I don’t know where the bottleneck is but no doubt this kind of deal is the beginning of working it out.

I fly a lot on commercial airlines. Well, I used to fly a lot. I have a lot of lifetime miles on United which is not all that uncommon these days but hey, I can feel them in my bones.

I’m the kind of flyer who books window seats, even on trans-Atlantic flights. I still love flying. The airport process sucks but once up the view is great.

I read Patrick Smith’s “column” in Salon Ask the Pilot regularly and in it I learned about

Check out the photos in the left column. Click on most popular of all time and tell me it isn’t fun to scan through those. Amazing.