Toto’s Africa

Tip: turn all of these up, zoom them out, they’re great.

Mike Masse and Jeff Hall perform and record a cover of Toto’s Africa. It’s a great cover and performance for sure. I saw this on this morning which led me to another cover that went viral and an original.

Here’s Perpetuum Jazzile, an a cappella group from Slovenia doing a cover of the same Toto song. Amazing.

Here’s the group Toto (who wrote the song) doing it live in Amsterdam at the Heineken Arena on February 25th, 2003.

By the way, there are some wonderful and less than wonderful covers of Toto’s Africa up on YouTube. Enjoy.

My First Udu

richards_uduWas up at Joy Brown’s studio yesterday for our first annual udu clay drum workshop. We watched a video on playing them, played some early attempts that folks had made, then got to work making our own. This is my first effort: two chambers connected in the middle. Hopefully it will hold together through drying and firing and it will sound, well, like it will sound. Stay tuned.