Adobe Camera RAW supported cameras

I just got a Fuji X100T and in setting it up, I wasn’t sure if my version of Lightroom (5.7 as of this post) would be able to process the RAW files the new Fuji will produce.

A bit of searching led me to this list at the incredibly difficult to use Adobe web site:

Camera Raw plug-in | Supported cameras

The heading that’s meaningful to me is the one on the right: “Minimum Lightroom version required” and it seems the new Fuji X100T is supported, as is the new Panasonic LX100 and Canon G7X neither of which I have but they are popular new cameras.

While there are many aspects of dealing with Adobe that drive me crazy, their tools are first rate and they do update their RAW plug-in quickly enough to support early adopters of new cameras.

Vitamins with Lightroom

Vitamins with Lightroom

The pile of vitamins I choke down every morning with a glass of orange juice looming behind.

This is my first attempt to process a RAW image with Adobe’s new Lightroom application.

You can download the public beta of Lightroom at Adobe Labs. There’s just an OS X version now, Windows version coming soon.

I have never been a Photoshop user: I’ve never felt the need for such a high-end application until now and frankly, I’ve never found its UI very inviting. However, now that I’m attempting to broaden my photographic horizons, post-processing seems like an important area to explore.

I’m a Macintosh person. Always have been and always will be. The system requirements on Aperture gave me pause before it was so poorly reviewed (I use a 1.67 Ghz G4 15″ PowerBook as my sole computer) and so, I was starting to consider PhotoShop or at least Elements.

All of that said, I must say that I love iPhoto. Its tools are crude compared with any of these other applications but the application is so easy to use that I’ve had no problem using a “consumer level” app for my “pro-wannabe” photography.

I’ll be attending Macworld this week and I hope Apple releases an upgrade to its iLife suite including a new version of iPhoto. Even if they do, I’ll continue to experiment with Lightroom because it looks great, will run easily on my computer, and I applaud Adobe for releasing it as a public beta. I would think (hope/pray) that the retail cost of Lightroom will be much less than the cost of Aperture or Photoshop.