Warren, Connecticut.

Our hostas seem to be going by right now but I found this amazing plant over at a friend’s house. I love hosta leaves, they’re voluptuous.

Update: I’ve replaced the original image with a new one. In printing the first version the slightly sepia color didn’t look great and I went with a more standard monochrome processing. I hate to replace an image after people have commented on it, my apologies if this messes anything up.

Star trails in a big sky

Grande Fratello Cielo

My Flickr contact Cristiano Pelagracci took this long exposure of a tent and the sky in Italy.

Star trail shots are done by putting a camera on a tripod and exposing long enough so that the earth rotates relative to the stars aimed at.

It will take some experimentation to get the exposure right at night with such a long exposure and every night and place will be slightly different. You’ll need to play with ISO so as not to under or over expose the long shot. As I’m reading, a good starting point is:

Wide angle lens
ISO 400
Wide open aperture
Shutter speed of 30 seconds

If you look at the photo and it’s washed out/over exposed, pull the ISO down. If it’s under exposed push the ISO up a bit. If the trails are too short, try a longer shutter speed.

I’ve never tried this but those are some ideas to start with if you plan to go out and give it a go.

Star moss with grass and more

Star moss with grass and more

Schaghticoke Ridge, Appalachian Trail, Bull’s Bridge, Connecticut.

Did a short hike to check on a section of the AT I maintain that had a recent fire on it (250 acres burned). It was mostly a leaf fire and burnt the understory but most of the trees were spared. And, now, a few summer months later, things are growing back.

This star moss was right on the edge of the fire and somehow survived.

Fern carpet

Fern carpet

Paradise Lane, Bear Mountain, Salisbury, Connecticut.

I haven’t done the hike from Salisbury to Bear Mountain for a number of years. It was nice to find this familiar fern grove as I’m sure I’ve shot it before.

Perfect day for a hike and for photography as well (overcast). But, I’m out of the habit of doing a lot of picture taking so I only took four images, two of which were terribly out of focus.

Makomanai Cemetery Buddha

The Makomanai Cemetery is on the outskirts of Sapporo, Japan. This 1500 ton stone Buddha sat alone, above ground for fifteen years. The cemetery hired architect Tadao Ando to change the relationship of the Buddha to the cemetery. He did this by building a hill of lavender plants around the statue and the results are spectacular.

Watch the video full screen. It has no sound that I know of but it’s perfect in silence.

Update: My friend Joy Brown found this video of the building of the hill around the Buddha.

[via Colossal]