Ice Formations

Ryota Kaji Kajita has taken pictures of ice formations in Alaska that are incredible. Scroll down at this site and you’ll see both contact sheets and individual images.

These are the kinds of ice shots I’d love to get and I’ve come close but these are in another class.

I saw a post about this body of work at Colossal where larger images are posted: Frozen Bubble Formations and Shards of Snow Captured in Alaska’s Swamps and Ponds by Ryota Kajita.

Multiple exposure cubism


My Flickr contact Christophe FROT took this (these) multiple exposures with his Ricoh GR. One of the many hidden features of the Ricoh GR is the ability to take multiple exposures which is unusual for a point and shoot digital camera. This is all done in-camera. This looks like at least four if not more exposures of the same image, slightly offset to give it a cubist look.

A Japanese Photographer’s View of Life in His Family’s One-Room Home

A Japanese Photographer’s View of Life in His Family’s One-Room Home

Meoko Fujii at The New Yorker has posted an incredible collection of the photographs of the Japanese photographer Masaki Yamamoto that are part of his new photo book: Guts.

Guts documents his seven-person family’s life in a one-room apartment in Kobe, Japan. This is a gritty but fascinating glimpse of a kind of life that few of us will ever experience but it’s not so foreign that we can’t imagine it. This is amazing work and once the book is in wider circulation I hope to get it.