Layers of hosta

Layers of hosta

Warren, Connecticut.

Decided to try an experiment with multiple exposures on a small hosta outside our house.

The Ricoh GR makes it easy: I kept going until it told me that was enough. This one was the fourth in the series which means that there are four exposures here. I got to five and it was nice too but somehow I liked this one best.

This is a fun process and the real fun will be coming up with subjects ripe for this kind of technique. Thanks Gary and others who led me into this.


  1. That’s one striking and beautiful photo, Richard! You’re well on your way to more fun making multiple-exposures with the great Ricoh GR II.

  2. Hey, Richard! I really like this. I wonder how this technique would work for portraits? Are you planning any shots of people we all know and love? Have a great day!

    1. Funny you should ask. I was just talking with Gary about doing a portrait a la Picasso cubism. I think it would work well but the person being shot would have to put up with it (not too self-conscious). I might have to do a few selfies to test it out. Stay tuned and thanks.

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