1. I do not think that it is a problem of how old your brain is, but rather the lack of “discoverability” in iOS.

    There is also some spurious functionality. For example, I am still not entirely convinced that the difference between slide-over and side-by-side modes is worth the confusion it seems to cause people!

    1. Great points Mark. No doubt there are serious usability problems in both MacOS and iOS. That said, knowing iOS has some depth to it is useful for those who want to use those features. None of this stuff was available in earlier versions so the iOS team is pushing ahead. No doubt there are issues, too many for my taste as both a serious user and long time and term stockholder, but I’m glad there’s movement.

    1. You’re welcome John. Hey, I just reposted it, it’s Jeff who deserves thanks. He does an amazing job with these videos although I must figure out a way to make a list of the various shortcuts so I can sort them out, even if I plan to use just one or two.

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