On the Appalachian Trail, Gaylordsville, Connecticut.

A few weeks ago we had a day of high winds in western Connecticut and because this area is pretty rocky and trees aren’t deeply rooted, wind can uproot and knock over even very large and old trees.

The section of Appalachian trail between the New York/Connecticut border and Bull’s Bridge is called “Ten Mile Hill” and it’s a very nice four mile hike. The recent wind took down over 20 large trees on this section and we had a big crew of “sawyers” and “swampers” to clean it up. It was a lot of work and I was pretty sore when I got home (nothing beer and ibuprofen won’t fix).

Toward the end of the day I took a few shots of a nice reflection on a small swamp. I was so tired my hands were shaking and I was pretty sure none of the shots would turn out but thankfully a few did.


  1. I love reflections as you well know and particularly the ones you post of that stunning area you frequent but I think I would have flipped it 180, as for me it makes an even stronger image.

  2. Nice shot Richard! A quick question if I may. Is your trusty GRII the only camera you use? I have one too and keep thinking I’ll like some other camera better but it never seems to happen.

    1. Thank you John. I have the GR II and the Fuji X100F which I don’t use as much as I don’t like the lens cap and prefer a wider angle of view than the 35mm of the Fuji.

      I’ve owned and used lots of compact and other cameras and if you click on the “curated posts” tab above you can see a list of the cameras with tags so you can see my and other folks’ shots with lots of different cameras.

      I’m seriously thinking of getting another Sony RX100 (probably the latest version). I’ve owned earlier versions before and I always swear I’ll never buy another one as I dislike the ergonomics of the camera (flush mounted buttons and terrible menu system). But, it makes excellent mages, has a nice wide angle lens, and an articulated LCD for ground level shots. If I’m selective on where I use it I think it would be fine. I’ve taken some nice images with earlier versions of it and it has a much better AF system than the Ricoh.

      I still love the Ricoh for many reasons although I’m not sure Ricoh will ever make a new version of the camera.

      How about you? What do you shoot with?

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