Shooting up in New York

Afternoon light on monoliths

Afternoon light on monoliths

Between Lexington and Park Avenue on 42nd Street, Manhattan, New York.

We were about to head into Grand Central to get on the train when we noticed that the light on both the Chrysler building and the two buildings across the street was striking. So, out came the cameras, for me for the first time in the day.

Golden hour is aptly named.

Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building

Note: I’ve had it with Adobe going back and forth on Lightroom subscriptions so I’m giving Apple’s Photos a real try. It’s far from perfect but once one spends a bit of time with it and drops the Lightroom comparisons (Lightroom is a much more sophisticated tool) it’s useable and even fun. Time will tell.


    1. Thanks Gary. I know you’ve been to exactly this place numerous times. Yes, the Adobe issue is a pain in the ass as I have 8000 images in Lightroom that will need to be exported and then, what about the RAWs, etc.


  1. Thanks Steve. I’ve looked at it but it’s less good at organization which is important to me. Once you have thousands of images (I’ll have well over 10K when I merge my Lightroom collection and Photos) organization is extremely important.

  2. Superb images, Richard. I love how X100F renders. I just pre-ordered iPhone X and I am going to test if it would serve as a camera for me (as it is always with me). I am still shooting also with “real” cameras too but I would like to increase my iphoneography.

    I have moved out from LR from some time ago. Now I am using (and testing) ON1 Photo RAW and MacPhun Luminar. Both very nice but Luminar does not yet have any asset management (but will have early next year).

    1. Thank you Jonne. I too enjoy how the X100F renders. I think it’s a bit sharper without the wide angle adapter I used for this image but I have t shot enough with it to know for sure. Excellent that you’re going to work on your iPhone photography, I should do the same. We got iPhone 8 phones and they’re excellent. So far Photos is working for me, and “asset management” or organization is extremely important to me and Photos has decent capabilities there. I still have about 4000 images in Lightroom which I’m moving out slowly. My plan is to not process any new images in Lightroom if I can help it. We shall see. Let me know when you get and review the new iPhone.

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