Leaf carpet

Leaf carpet

Schaghticoke Ridge, Kent, Connecticut.

Post winter, the Appalachian Trail is, in places, covered with leaves that have remained in place since last fall through the winter. Once it snows on them and then melts, they get matted and almost stuck in place.

They’ve been walked on and broken up but not much, the trail doesn’t get as much use in winter as it does in summer. In the next three months thousands of people will walk over the 5 mile section of trail that I maintain in Connecticut (I maintain another 5 miles in Massachusetts) and the leaves will be gone; pushed off the side to continue decomposing in the woods.

Then fall will come and we’ll start all over again.


    1. Thanks for the kind feedback Martin. I did get the X100F but haven’t had the chance to shoot with it much. I’m going to New York tomorrow and hope to do some shooting there.

    1. Good to hear from you Jonne and thanks. The X100F is a great camera. Took it to New York yesterday and did a lot of shooting. No keepers but it wasn’t the camera, it was me. Love the camera though, the ACROS filter is fantastic. I think it just might pull you back into it again, who knows?

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