Ice on the Mattatuck Trail

Ice on the Mattatuck Trail

Mattatuck Trail, Warren, Connecticut.

I usually shoot both RAW and JPEG with my Ricoh GR II and the JPEGs are this high contrast black and white with grain. For the most part I use the JPEGs in Lightroom as a guide for my RAW processing.

This day I somehow had my camera set to make a single file, the high contrast JPEG file. So, these are straight out of the camera and a bit more contrasty and grainy than my usual. I like the images and decided to post them anyway. I have a few hundreds more I did a week later but have yet to process them all yet.

These were shot in a small streamlet that we crossed over with snowshoes. It was a fun day and this is a great new trail for us, very close to our house.

Ice on the Mattatuck Trail

Ice on the Mattatuck Trail

Ice on the Mattatuck Trail


    1. I’ve been getting so few keepers that it really bummed me out Karen. I do have a load from a subsequent trip, so many in fact that I can’t get through them to post. Sigh. Can’t seem to win.

      1. Aw, don’t let it get you down. These ones turned out terrific. As for the next load, maybe pick one or two you really like, and leave the rest. They’ll wait…

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