The Real Terrorist Threat

The Real Terrorist Threat

L-R, top to bottom: Kellyanne Conway, Mike Pence, Donald Trump, Sean Spicer, Stephen Miller, Stephen Bannon, Michael Flynn (resigned), and Reince Priebus.

There are many more but this has been my protest sign in the marches I’ve taken part in. I’ve heard Julia Hahn is part of the team now, a recruit from Breitbart.

Feel free to take this and use it as you like.

I’ve been sitting on my hands and not posting political statements to Flickr or my blog but the time has come for any of us who are seriously worried to get to work in any way we can to save our country.

I’ve never stopped taking pictures even though my output is low, I’m simply so upset about what’s happening in my country to focus on much else and I’ve been tossing most of the images I take. Being upset has a terrible affect on one’s creative output although for some it can stimulate it. For me it’s led to a lot of sleepless nights.

Stock up on Xanax.


    1. Thanks Karen. Not sure I’ve got guts but if I don’t start saying things on this blog and up on Flickr I’ll feel like I didn’t do my part to stand up to this which is as close as we’ve come to an authoritarian coup in my lifetime.

  1. Richard, we all need to put ourselves out there and protest. I am heartened to see the protest gathering steam. The first few weeks after the election I was pissed that more people weren’t enraged. Perhaps it was a period of shock and mourning.

    The day of the woman’s march (I attended the Cleveland rally) was the first days since the election I felt a bit of hope. But we still are not seeing a radical shift in our political thinking. Everybody was out there protesting for the status quo. The democratic party has been pretty useless for a long time. Hillary was a terrible candidate and if she had won we would have had to keep pushing her hard to the left. The status quo with dems got us here.

    We’re in a deep, deep hole and it’s time to fight the Republicans like the rat fuckers they are.

    1. Jim, I agree on all points. I do think various folks are strategizing a way through this and I’m hoping that becomes clear soon. It will take a bit of the stress and anxiety out of the air. Right now things feel hopeless and it’s terribly depressing to watch as our country goes down. Keep the faith and make sure you and everyone you know votes in the mid-terms.

  2. I’d like to say it’s better over here Richard but it’s akin to your situation. The tories care only for themselves and their rich backers. They are intent on dismantling the NHS which would be in my estimation a criminal act. I also think we may not be the only ones to leave the EU for all the filibustering of the politic folk are equally unhappy with their lot over the water.

    The problem has been brought on by an attitude of indifference and an establishment that is seen as corrupt and incestuous. The truth of course is trump is more of the same but wearing a different suit. I was pleased when the judicial body told him where to go.

    Like your previous poster said Hilary was equally as poor a candidate for my money I thought Bernie sanders was a man I’d like to have seen win but I do acknowledge my understanding of the political situation is not what yours or your posters are.

    The only positive is that he will undoubtedly fail it’s to be hoped he does so expeditiously and without to much collateral damage.

    My thoughts are with you.

    1. I think Trump is more than capable of starting a war and this is probably the piece that frightens everyone in the world the most. I’m guessing he’ll get in line with Netanyahu and provoke both the Palestinians and Iran and cause a mess domestically for Israel and internationally for the world. And, who knows how Putin will see all of this.

      There is an editorial in the NY Times by Errol Morris on Bowe Bergdahl and Trump’s statements about his guilt and sentencing during the campaign. All one has to do is look up “The Central Park 5” to understand how dangerous and wrong Trump can be.

  3. It is not just the US. Also the UK is sliding in the same direction with an ever more authoritarian Theresa May enacting laws that reduce rights and freedoms and strengthen her freedom to govern unchecked.

    Here in Europe, people are anxiously watching the upcoming elections in France and Holland, where extreme right-wingers Le Pen and Wilders are gaining popular support on the back of xenophobia and outright lies propagated by a populist press (Murdoch – he of Fox News in the US) and social media systems that favour click-bait and popularity over truth.

    Behind all of these lurks Bannon aided by Breitbart and Cambridge Analytica – big data being used to engineer political outcomes.

    It is these that need to be fought. Trump is little more than a thin skinned, loud mouthed puppet.

    1. Agree 100% Mark. It would be interesting to fast forward 10 or 100 years and read what considered people feel is the history leading up to this period. No doubt it’s numerous elements all lining up coupled with a short memory and a lack of history (Hitler…). We learn from history that we don’t learn from history. Amazing.

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