My father’s camera

My Father's Camera

My father served in the US Army during World War II and was stationed in Europe. This little Zeiss Ikon was the camera he used to record his everyday life over there and I have a box of prints that give me a glimpse of that life. My father is gone now but this camera and those prints act like a wormhole on that significant time in the history of his world and of our world.

Note: This was originally posted in 2006 on my old site, one of my earlier posts.


  1. This is a lovely connection to your dad Richard I challenge you to get the bellows sorted and run a film through it in memory of your dad. I would like to see the results you have the necessary skills so onward and upward.

    My recent acquisition will be road tested this week so the results will be displayed on the blog.

    1. Martin: Not sure what it would entail to get the bellows fixed, no doubt a new bellows. I gave up film a long time ago and have no desire to get back into wet photography. If anything, I need to take more pictures with my digital tools.

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