iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode advertisement

Apple’s new ad for the iPhone 7 Plus’s portrait mode. It’s a terrific ad, very well done: catching the girl’s various expressions, the variety of people, and the music.

It’s quite amazing what folks are doing with smartphones of all kinds these days, and this feature (multiple lenses, shallow depth of field in reality or as an effect) looks like it’s pushing things even further. I have an iPhone 6s but still prefer my cameras to shooting with it for “serious” work but it’s mostly because I find the controls easier to deal with, less about image quality which is saying something.


  1. I use my iPhone more than I do my micro four thirds kit primarily as it’s always with me particularly on my cycle rides. I’ve posted images shot with it as you know on the blog and I’ve been blown away with its quality.

    I guess the point is Richard that as we know most folk never print their images they go into the void that is Instagram Flickr et al so it does beg the question why bother with anything else. I think having seen the seven plus it’s a great bit of kit for portraits like those shown on the advert. I dare say I shall end up upgrading my six plus sooner rather than later. Hell it may even be the only digital camera I own eventually I won’t get rid of my blad time will tell.

    1. I get it Martin and it may be that as some point I start using my iPhone more, but, unlike the majority of folks, I do print much of my work, some of it larger enough to need decent resolution (16″x20″) and, I have to say that I like holding a camera with controls. The tradeoff for me is size and weight because I hike and hiking with a DSLR or even a mirrorless “system” camera means too much size and weight. So, for me, high end or easy to use point and shoot cameras are still preferable to anything else. Especially in winter when I must keep on thin gloves so my hands don’t freeze (Reynauld’s syndrome). I do have thin gloves with finger tips that can activate my iPhone’s screen so I could use it in winter for ice shots and maybe some day I will but for now, it remains point and shoot cameras for me.

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