Little Kids and their Big Dogs

Little Kids and their Big Dogs

This is a brilliant collection, by Andy Seliverstoff, very well done.

I highly recommend clicking on the first picture in the set (the airborne poodle) and then using the right arrow (or the right arrow on your keyboard) and moving through the collection zoomed out. They’re amazing images.

One might chalk these up to high end gear (and a fast lens for shallow depth of field) but that’s only a small part of making excellent portraits like these. They’re well lit, composed, and no doubt each shot was one of many.

The last one actually looks like a bear to me. What do you think?

[via PetaPixel]


    1. I agree Martin, amazing work. Happy new year back to you Martin, and may we both take lots of pictures and attempt to put world politics aside, at least while we’re out shooting.

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