Psychedelic foam

Psychedelic foam

Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut.

Tom and I hiked south along the Appalachian Trail next to the Housatonic River after voting. We saw a very mature (and large) American bald eagle less than 50′ away on a sycamore tree branch. It was exciting and while it would have been fun to attempt to photograph it, we just stood there in awe, admiring this incredible animal.

We’re in a drought here the northeast and the Housatonic River is moving very slowly. The slowness of the river is allowing foam to gather along the banks in interesting ways as it interacts with branches and rocks. I spent a good amount of time photographing this particular foam pattern; it was changing right before my eyes and how it interacted with the rock at the top of the frame was fascinating.

I would have posted this yesterday but I’ve been extremely shocked, embarrassed, and ultimately depressed about the US. election. I’m very sorry for what my country has done.


    1. Thank you Jonne. Of course we’ll keep our friendship. Just keep a light on at night so if Gary and I show up as we flee the country, we’ll be able to know you’re home (joke, sort of).

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