My flickr contact chris schroeer-heiermann who usually is shooting architecture (he’s an architect) took a trip to the Italian Alps (Dolomites) and posted this nice series, taken, as always, with his Canon S95 point and shoot camera. Amazing.

The Dolomites get their particular look from being made up primarily of the rock dolomite, a sedimentary rock that’s much like what many know as limestone.




    1. It looks like a very nice camera Chris and no doubt for a Canon user it might be just the ticket. It has an articulating LCD (which I like). I think Jonne (above here) has tried it and returned it as did I but I can’t remember why either of us did at this point. Might be worth a try as you’ll get a bigger sensor and a bit more control although a larger camera. I think it has the same sensor as the Sony RX100 (1″ CMOS).

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