Endless Queen Anne’s lace

Endless Queen Anne's lace

Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut.

We went on our regular flat hike on the Appalachian Trail from Cornwall Bridge south toward Kent. We passed by a number of fields before the trail hugs the bank of the Housatonic River. The last two fields were completely covered with Queen Anne’s lace. There was so much of it exposure was difficult: the center of the frame was washed out white while the edges were under exposed. Very much like shooting a waterfall on a dark background. Spot metering usually solved this and sometimes creative use of exposure compensation.

All of my macro shots of the structure of this magnificent weed turned out blurred, less from movement in slight breeze, more from the Ricoh’s less than wonderful macro mode which after so many years of struggling with it one would think I’d avoid by now. Sigh.


  1. Great in B&W and nice job with the exposure. Have you tested back-button focusing when shooting macros with GR? I found it much easier than the dedicated macro mode.

    1. Thanks Martin. I think the macro function on the GR is an issue only relative to other cameras. The GR just does not focus very close, period and the hunting is generally from us having the camera a bit too close to the subject so it never locks in. Better stated: the GR’s macro issues are from (reasonable) expectations bumping into reality. I prefer the Sony RX100’s macro feature: no mode, it just focuses close.

  2. Just do not use the dedicated macro mode with the GR. Use the back button instead. It focuses nicely without any hassle to put the camera in the macro mode. GR can focus from 10 cm up.

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