South rim of the Grand Canyon

South rim of the Grand Canyon

Flying out to Los Angeles to empty my mother’s house.

I was deep in a much needed nap when my wife Anne started poking me and saying “I think this huge hole in the ground is the Grand Canyon.”

I woke up, peeked over her and indeed it was. I’m so out of the habit of taking window shots on planes it didn’t occur to me until we were almost past it to attempt one, but this is the one good shot I got.

That’s the south rim and the Colorado River and I must say, this was the cleanest window and the best view of the Grand Canyon I’ve ever seen in the hundreds of times I’ve flown over it. I was surprised the pilots didn’t come on the intercom and announce it, it was simply breathtaking.

I had the Ricoh GR II easily accessible and I didn’t have a lot of time to futz around with it so I shot and prayed. This is the high contrast monochrome JPEG pretty much straight out of the camera. It’s a more dramatic image than the RAW version, even heavily processed so I’m using it here because indeed, it was a dramatic sight.


    1. Thanks Gary. I’m a bit rusty at this kind of shot but I’d love to do more of it. The problem is, I can’t make it across the country in a window seat anymore (gotta pee) and the only reason I got this was because Anne was there and I could lean over her.

    1. Thanks Jonne. I tried to work with the Ricoh GR’s RAW file but in the end, I liked this better. I still love that camera, it’s quite an amazing tool.

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