Dense forest on the Appalachian Trail

Dense forest on the Appalachian Trail

Between Sage’s Ravine (CT/MA border) and Mt. Race.

I hiked the section of AT that I’m responsible to maintain in Massachusetts to clip brush and check for problems. The largest “bubble” of thru hikers is about to come through so I put some time in on both of my sections to make sure things are ready.

This is such terrific section, with dense forest and great views on the south shoulder of Mt. Race. It’s a joy to hike it.

Met about a dozen thru hikers today, some of whom I met down in Connecticut last week on my section there.

Note: I set the Fuji X70 to black and white with a red filter. This is straight out of the camera. I’m impressed with what this camera did.


  1. Great to see this wonderful place again, Sage’s Ravine and Mt. Race are spectacular. Your Fujifilm X70 did very well. I like the X70’s red filter a lot too.

    1. Thanks Gary. You’ve walked by this place a few times. Once with Bonnie on that epic long hike, before the hail.

      I’ve not played much with the X70’s filters but now I’m going to for sure.

    1. It’s taken me a while to come around to Fuji’s way of doing things but I do like it now. I still love my Ricoh GR II but I use them both, not one more than another.

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