Liability insurance as a form of gun control

Let me preface this by saying that I don’t own a gun but I have no problem with the farmer who lives across the road from me taking a deer now and then (he dresses and eats them) and shooting coyotes who threaten his dairy cattle.

I live in Connecticut and one of my senators, Chris Murphy is currently filibustering the Senate to get them to act on gun control. When Chris was in the House he represented the district that had the Sandy Hook school in it, the school where kids were killed with an assault rifle. I support what Chris is doing.

Here’s an idea that might help with guns in the United States:

Why not treat guns like cars: in order to own one you have to carry liability insurance for each one you own. If that gun is involved in a crime or even an accidental killing, in or out of your possession, you’re liable. Guns have serial numbers just like cars have VINs. It would not be impossible to register and insure them at time of purchase, just like cars.

No doubt insuring a tractor trailer is more expensive than insuring a family car so if you have a semi-automatic weapon like an AR15 the you have to carry more insurance because that gun can cause more harm. Frankly, I’d like to see these types of weapons banned; they have no place in civilian life but until that happens, liability insurance would force people to assume some responsibility for them: keep them locked up, out of the hands of children, and out of the hands of criminals.

If you’re caught without liability insurance on one of your guns you’re fined and eventually, you lose the weapon and further, if you continue to abuse the law you lose the right to have weapons.

Of, if you’re found liable in enough accidents, just like cars, the cost of your insurance goes up and eventually it will be impossible for you to get insurance.

It’s not a perfect solution but it does force the folks who have guns to begin to understand that owning one comes with responsibility. And, maybe if one has to insure each gun people will stop buying so many.

I also think that rock climbers, hikers, BASE jumpers, etc. should be encouraged to buy liability insurance to pay for rescues which are incredibly expensive. Or, they should be forced to pay for the rescues.


    1. Good to know Jonne. I have no idea if it would work here, but I do know that a lot of people here have guns and defend gun ownership as a constitutional right (questionable) but aren’t willing to register them or lock them away from kids and criminals. With a right comes responsibility.

      A locked gun cabinet would not have stopped the Orlando shooting, but it might have stopped Sandy Hook (a troubled young man had access to his mother’s locked gun cabinet).

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