Timber frame shop

Clover Compound

Clover Compound

Wassaic, New York.

I have three friends who run a timber frame business just over the state line in New York. I’ve taken pictures in their shop over many years; it’s the type of shop that has so much stuff lying around, all sorts of machines, tools, wood pieces, and frankly, crap, that it’s mind blowing.

This day they were working on a large project that will get shipped out of state. They were finishing timber frame pieces and loading them into large boxes they built that will then get stacked in a large shipping container and trucked to the job. It’s a fascinating logistical process.

My problem is, they’re my friends so I end up talking with them a lot and not snooping around looking for interesting images.

These images are place markers to remind me to get back there to do some more serious shooting.


Cups (upside down on a machine handle)

Roller balls

Roller balls (for guiding boards into a planer)


  1. You need to spend time there Richard and get those shots you can’t create that in a studio it’s real and has all the hallmarks of time and toil. I hate the term organic but that sits well with such a place I remember an old guy I knew sadly no longer with us he had a wood workshop which had evolved over many many years and I wanted to get there and spend a day or two just shooting.

    Sadly he passed before I had chance to, it reminded me of my grandfathers workshop, the smells the feel the echoes of the past lovingly collected over time.

    Get it done 😇

    1. Will do Martin. I have close to 1000 (one thousand) images I did for them a number of years ago on a project they did for a hedge fund guy in Costa Rica… it was an amazing thing. I never put any of them online although I could easily dig through them and find some interesting ones. I not only shot the timber frame job, I shot the junk lying around the shop. I’ll go look for that CD…

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